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The Intermarriage Effects of the Major Welsh and English Families.

Intermarriage between the Royal and Lordship houses has been common throughout history. A thousand years ago females from ‘high’ families were promised in marriage from as young as 12 or 13 years old, from the parents point of view to ensure the prosperous future of a daughter even though the actual marriage would not take place for many years. The man usually served at another’s court, proved himself as a man and fought many battles, if required, before settling down to marriage at an age of 25 to 35, being lucky to live beyond 50 to 55.
The following is listed numerically in generations, so that 1 fathers 2, 2 fathers 3, etc. Where there are several children in a generation their parents can be established by the use of ap and ab (meaning son of, the ab only used if the name starts with a vowel) with ferch used for ‘daughter of’. Although very many names, usually a single name only, with any second name being a description of some sort (a few shown) the Welsh system of identification can identify a specific person, the ap, ab and ferch being used sometimes in chains of ten or twelve names.
Whilst the five tribes of Wales had been broken down into kingdoms and later princedoms by 1000 AD and with travel taking so long, still the hills were climbed and the rivers crossed to trade or fight with each other. A lot of the midlands had once belonged to Wales and they had always traded with northern England so many houses intermarried with Hereford, Shropshire and Cheshire families, such as the Corbets from North East Shropshire and from Northern England the Hen family, descendants of Coel Hen (Old King Cole).

1 Gwerstan
2 Cynfyn ap Gwerstan (King of Powys)
+ Angharad (daughter of Maredudd, Prince of Deheubarth)
3 Rhiwallon ap Cynfyn (d Mechain 1070)
3 Bleddyn ap Cynfyn (Prince of Powys/Deheubarth, b c1025 d 1075)
+ Daughter of Brochwel ap Moelyn of Dwrcelyn, Anglesey)(m1)
+ unknown (m2)
+ Haer (daughter of Cilin ap y Blaidd Rhydd, Lord of Gestyn Efionydd (m3)
3 Iwerydd ferch Cynfyn
+ Edwyn ap Goronwy (Prince of Tegeingl)
3 West ferch Cynfyn
+ Ednowain ap Ithel of The Byrn
4 Meilyr ap Rhiwallon (d 1081)
4 Gwaldys ferch Rhiwallon
+ Rhys (a Prince of South Wales, d1093)
4 Janet/Sioned ferch Rhiwallon
+ Tudor ‘Walensis’, Lord of Whittington
4 Llywarch ap Bleddyn (w1)
4 Cadwgan ap Bleddyn (w1)(Prince of Powys, Lord of Nannau. d 1111)
+ possibly daughter of Edwin ap Gronw (m1)
+ Sanan (daughter of Dyfnal)(m2)
+ Ellyw (daughter of Cydifor ap Gollwyn)(m3)
+ Daughter of Robert ‘Picot’ of Sai, Lord of the Clun Valley)(m4)
+ Euron (daughter of Hoedlyw ap Cadwgan ab Elston Glodrydd)(m5)
+ Gwenllian b c1080 m1098 (daughter of Gruffyd ap Cynan, King of Gwynedd)(m6)
4 Hunydd/Keywydh ferch Bleddyn (w1)
+ Rhydderch (Lord of Ysterlys)
4 Gwenllian ferch Bleddyn (w1)
+ Caradog ap Trahaim
4 Maredudd/Meredith ap Bleddyn (w1) (Prince of Powys d 1132)
+ Hunydd (daughter of Eunydd ap Gwernwy, Lord of Dyffryn Clwyd)
5 Gronw ap Cadwgan (m1)
5 Llywelyn ap Cadwgan (m1)
5 Owain ap Cadwgan (Lord of Powys, d 1116)(m1)
5 Einon ap Cadwgan (Prince/Lord of Powys, d 1123)(m2)
5 Morgan ap Cadwgan (d 1128)(m3)
5 Henry ap Cadwgan (m4)
5 Gruffydd of Nannau ap Cadwgan (m4)
+ Gwenllin/Angahrad (daughter of Dafydd, Prince of Gwynedd)
5 Maredudd ap Cadwgan (d 1124)(m5)
+ Unknown (1124)
5 Madog ap Cadwgan (Lord of Nannau b c1100)(m6)
+ Efa (daughter of Madog ap Philip ab Uchtryd, Lord of Cyfeuilog)(m1)
+ Sian/Jane (daughter of Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon, Lord of Maclor Cymraeg)(m2)
+ Efa (daughter of Einion ap Seisyll, Lord of Mathafarn)(m3)
5 Madoc ap Maredudd/Meredith (Prince of Powys, d 1160)
+ Susanna (daughter of Gruffydd, Prince of Gwynedd)
5 Gruffydd ap Maredudd/Meredith (Lord of Mowddwy, d 1128
+ Gwerfyl (daughter of Gwrgenas ap Howel of Caer-a-Chydewin)
5 Jorwerth, Gervase Goch ap Maredudd/Meredith (Lord of Mochnant-is-Rhayadr, d 1170)
+ Matilda (daughter of Sir Roger de Manly)
5 Ankred ferch Maredudd/Meredith
+ Uchdryd (Outred) ap Edwin (1115)
6 Llywelyn ap Owain
6 Ieuaf/Iorworth ap Owain
6 Hunydd ferch Gruffydd of Nannau
+ Sandde Hardd of Mostyn
6 Unknown daughter of Maredudd
+ Einon ap Hwfa ap Ithel Felyn
6 Meurig ap Madog (Lord of Nannau)
+ Gwenllian (daughter of Iorworth ap Peredur ab Ednywain ap Bradwen
6 Rhiwallon ap Madog (Had issue but unknown)
+ Alfron (daughter of Gwrgeneu ap Hywel ab Ieuaf)
6 Einon ap Madog (unknown issue or wife)
6 Efa ferch Madog
6 Gruffydd Maelor ap Madoc (Prince of Powys, Lord of Bromfield, d 1191)
+ Angharad (daughter of Owain, Prince of Gwynedd)
6 Owain Vychan ap Madoc (Lord of Mechain-Yacoed, d 1186)
+ Eleanor (daughter of Maelgwyn Vychan)
6 Einin Efell/Ellis of Chirk ap Madoc (c1202)
6 Owen Brogyntyn ap Madoc (Lord of Edeirnion)
+ Marredd (daughter of Einion ap Syssyllt, Lord of Canterf, Merionethshire)
6 Cynric ap Madoc
6 Gwenlian of Powys ferch Madoc
+ Rhys (a Lord of South Wales, d 4th May 1196)
6 Margaret of Powys ferch Madoc
+ Iorwerth Drwyndwn (‘broken nose’)(d c1174)
6 Owain Cyfeilioc ap Gruffydd (Prince of Higher Powys, d 1197)
+ Gwenllian of Gwynedd (daughter of Owain, Prince of Gwynedd)
6 Madoc ap Jorwerth, Gervase Goch (d c1194)
6 Griffin ap Jorwerth, Gervase Goch (Lord of Sutton, d c1221)
+ Matilda le Strange (daughter of Guy le Strange, m 1196 d 4th May 1242)
6 Jorwerth ap Jorwerth, Gervase Goch (Lord of Main-y-Meifod
Issue unknown
7 Ynyr Hen ap Meurig (Lord of Nannau, c1200-50)
+ Gwerfyl (daughter of Madog ap Llywarch Vychan)
7 Madoc ap Gruffydd Maelor (Lord of Bromfield)
+ Gwyladys (daughter of Ithel ap Rhys, Ithel of Ewyas)
7 Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd Maelor
+ Iddon of Tref Dudlystan
7 Llweleyn ap Owain Vychan (d by May 1241)
+ Unknown partner
7 Owen Vychan ap Owain Vychan (c 1245)
+ Unknown partner
7 Griffith ap Owen Brogyntyn (Lord of Half Edeirnion, c1200)
Issue unknown
7 Bleddyn ap Owen Brogyntyn (Lord of Dinmael)
Issue unknown
7 Jorwerth ap Owen Brogyntyn (Lord of Half Edeirnion)
+ Efa (daughter of Madoc Goch, Lord of Mowddwy)
7 Gwenwynwyn ap Owain Cyfeillioc (Prince of Powys-Cyfeiliog, d by 1218)
+ Margaret Corbet (daughter of Robert Corbet, Lord of Caus)
7 Madoc ap Griffin (Lord of Sutton)
+ Duce/Cecilia
7 Howel ap Griffin (d c1245)
7 Griffin or Griffith Vychan ap Griffin (d c1231)
+ Agnes de Bulkeley (daughter of Robert de Bulkeley)
8 Ynyr Fychan ap Ynyr Hen (Lord of Nannau, d c1300)
+ Gwenhwyfar (daughter of Gruffydd ab Owain ap Gronw ab Einion ap Seisyll
+ Gwenhwyfar (daughter of ‘y mab Enion’)
8 Einion ap Ynyr Hen (Bishop of St. Asaph c1268 – 92)
8 Meurig Hen ap Ynyr Hen
8 Gruffydd ap Madoc (Lord of Bromfield)
+ Emma d’Aldithly (daughter of Henry d’Aldithly)
8 Llweleyn Vychan ap Owain Vychan
Unknown partner
8 Angharad ferch Owen Vychan
+ Griffith ap Jorwerth Voel
8 Griffith ap Gwenwynwyn (Prince of Powys-Gwenwynwyn, d c1274)
+ Hawys le Strange (daughter of John le Strange, Lord of Knockin and Cheswardine)
8 Madoc Goch ap Gwenwynwyn (Lord of Mowddwy and Caereinion
+ Unknown partner
8 Isabel ferch Madoc (d 1302)
+ Henry de Morf (m c1274 d c1302)
8 Griffith of Cae Howel and Kynaston ap Griffin or Griffith Vychan (c1313)
+ Gwenllian (daughter of Iorwerth ap Griffith)
9 Meurig Fychan ap Ynyr Fychan (Lord of Nannau, Ancester of Lloyd of Blaenglyn)
+ Angharad (daughter of Gruffydd ab Owain ap Bleddyn ab Owain Brogyntyn)
9 Hywel ap Ynyr Fychan
9 Einion ap Ynyr Fychan
+ Unknown partner
9 Angharad ferch Ynyr Fychan
+ Gwilym Powys
9 Elen ferch Ynyr Fychan
+ John ap Hywel ab Einion Vychan ab Einion Hen
9 Gruffydd ap Ynyr Fychan
9 Llywelyn ap Ynyr Fychan
9 Ynyr Llwyd ap Ynyr Fychan
9 Gwenhwyfar ferch Ynyr Vychan
9 Gruffydd Gethin ap Meurig Hen
+ Unknown partner
9 Llywelyn Goch ap Meurig Hen (a poet c1360-90)
9 Gruffydd Fychan ap Gruffydd, Lord of Bromfield (Lord of Glyndwrdwy)
+ Margaret (daughter of Gruffydd ap Cadwgan
9 Angharad ferch Gruffydd, Lord of Bromfield (d c1308)
+ William le Botiler of Wemme (Wem)(d 1283)
9 Margaret ferch Gruffydd, Lord of Bromfield
+ Sir John Arderns (b 1266, d 1308)
9 Meredith ap Llweleyn Vychan (Lord of Mechain, d c1258)
9 Llweleyn Vychan ap Llweleyn Vychan
9 Owen de la Pole ap Griffith (Prince of Powys-Wenwynwyn)
+ Johanna Corbet (daughter of Robert Corbet of Moreton Corbet)
9 Llewelyn of Mochnant Ucha, etc. ap Griffith
+ Margaret (daughter of Meredith Goch, Lord of Monchant)
9 John of Careinion ap Griffith
9 William ‘Wilcox’ de la Pole ap Griffith (Lord of Mowddwy, d 1315)
+Eleanor (daughter of Owen ap Thomas, Lord of Half Yacoed)
9 Griffith Vychan of Ddeuddwr, etc. ap Griffith (d c1310)
9 David of Careinion ap Griffith
9 Margaret ap Griffith
+ Fulke FitzWarine (1st Lord of Whitchurch, d 1315)
9 Efa ferch Madoc Goch
+ Jorwerth (Lord of Half Edeirnion)
+ Owain (ap Owain ap Bleddyn
10 Einion ab Einion
+ Angharad (daughter of John Gethin ap Madog Kyffin
10 Gwenhwyfar ferch Einion
+ John ap Einion of Efionydd
10 Meurig Maelan ap Gruffydd Gethin
+ Meddefus (daughter of Gruffydd ap Sion ap Gruffydd ap Hywel ap Madog
10 Madoc Grupl ap Gruffydd Fychan (Lord of Glyndwrdwy
+ Margaret (daughter of Rhys Fychan ap Rhys Mitchel
10 Griffith de la Pole ap Owen de la Pole (Prince of Powys-Wenwynwyn
10 Hawys Gadarn (the hardy) ferch Owen de la Pole (b 1291 d pre 1353)
+ John de Cherlton (1st Lord Cherlton of Powys, b 1268 d 1353)
10 Efa ferch Llywelyn of Mochnant Ucha
+ Madoc ap David, Lord of Hendwr
10 Griffith ap William de la Pole (Lord of Mowddwy, Sheriff of Merionethshire)
10 John ap William de la Pole (Lord of Mowddwy)
+ Catherine Corbet (daughter of Sir Foulk Corbet
11 Gwenhwyfar ferch Einion
+ John ap Einion of Efionydd
11 Elen ferch Einion
+ Gwilym ap John Llwyd
11 Lleuki ferch Meurig Maelan
+ Gruffydd ab Einion of Efionydd
11 Nest, Tanno and Elen ferch Meurig Maelon (Nothing else known)
11 Madoc Fychan ap Madoc Grupl (Lord of Glyndwrdwy)
+ Gwenllian (daughter of Fychan, Ithel of Tegaingl)
11 Foulk ap John (Lord of Mowddwy
11 Elizabeth ferch John (Lady of Mowddwy)
+ Sir Hugh de Burgh
12 Gruffydd Fychan ap Madoc Fychen (Lord of Glyndwrdwy)
+ Elizabeth Strange (daughter of John le Strange, 1st Lord of Knockin)
13 Grufydd Fychan ap Gruffydd Fychan (Lord of Glyndwrdwy)
+ Eleanor (daughter of Thomas, a Lord of South Wales)
14 Owen Glyndwr ap Grufydd Fychan (Lord of Glyndwrdwy, Prince of Wales, b 1359 d est1416)
+ Margaret Hanmer (daughter of David Hanmer of Hanmer)
(His six sons and seven daughters are reported elsewhere on this web)
Owen had one brother, Tudyr, and two sisters, Isabel and Lowri. Some of his children and bretherin were killed because of his uprising and it is thought this branch of the family fizzled out.

Common Misspellings of Owen Glyndwr

Owen Glyndower
Owen Glyndwr
Owen Glyn Dower
Owain Glyndower
Owain Glyndwr
Owain Glyn Dower