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    According to the Encyclopedia Britannica the line can go even further back in time, but with no supporting dates. I reproduce this tree below but should explain that it is known as the ‘Line of Nathen’ and appears to have been taken from the scriptures.

  The first in our line is shown as Beli Mawr, who appears as Number 1. He married Anna the daughter of St Joseph of Arimathea, the Uncle of the Virgin Mary and the Great Uncle of Jesus, who took his body down from the cross and placed him in his own tomb.

  Joseph, a merchant, later left Palestine with Saints Philip, Lazarus, Mary Magdeline  and others. Whilst the others stayed in France Joseph came to spread the word in Britain and settled at Glastonbury where he thrust his staff into the ground at Wearyall Hill, where it took root and grew into a bush. He then secured from a local ruler twelve hides of land on which he built the first Monastery in Britain. This was reputed to be the first religious building to be above ground, is thought to be made of wattle and mud and to be of about the size of a garden shed.

  The following are listed as minus generations before reaching Beli Mawr.


-42  David

 -41  Nathan

  -40  Mattatha

   -39  Menna

    -38  Melea

     -37  Eliakim

      -36  Jonam

       -35  Joseph

        -34  Judah

         -33  Simcon

          -32  Levi

           -31  Matthat

            -30  Jorim

             -29  Eleizer

              -28  Joshua

               -27  Her

                -26  Elmadan

                 -25  Cosan

                  -24  Addi

                   -23  Melchi

                    -22  Neri

                     -21  Shealtiel

                      -20  Zerubbabel

                       -19  Rhesa

                        -18  Joanan

                         -17  Joda

                          -16  Josech

                           -15  Semein

                            -14  Mattathias

                             -13  Maath

                              -12  Naggai

                               -11  Esli

                                -10  Nahum

                                  -9  Amos

                                   -8  Mattathias

                                         + a daughter of Simon the Just

                                    -7  Joseph

                                     -6  Jannai

                                      -5  Melchi

                                       -4  Levi

                                        -3  Matthat

                                         -2  Joseph of Arimathea


                                              + married Bran Fendigaid

                                           -1  Anna

                                                + married Beli Mawr, the Great, a King of Britain



  I think at this point I must call it a day as far as tracing our family is concerned, but should anyone have information on people listed I would like to add it to knowledge of family members.