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Knights of the Round Table.

Wace was the first writer to describe the Round Table of King Arthur fame in his Roman de Brut, taken from the now known unreliable source of Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae.

Various writings put the number of Knights of the Round Table as from a dozen to 150 or more. The table itself was said to be a gift to Arthur from his father-in-law King Leodogram when he married Guinevere.

A round table, of course, meant that all knights were equal in their contributions, even though higher or lower otherwise, though King Arthur would obviously have the last say.

It will be noted below that not all “knights” are British.

In the spirit of the Round Table the “knights” are set out below in alphabetical order in a two column list giving name and what is read of them, so that more may be added as more is discovered.

A * after the name means he is a kinsman of Arthur, a + means a kinsman of King Ben and a ^ denotes a son of Pellinore.


Sir Aglovale ^ 1st.son P of Listinoise (Northumberland). Killed by Lancelot rescuing Guinevere from fate at the stake.
Sir Agravaine * “the arrogant” ”the proud”. 2nd son of King Lot of Orkney. Discovered love of Lancelot and Guinevere.
King Angwish of Ireland. Daughter Iseult married King of Cornwall.
King Bagdemagus Kidnapped Guinevere - Slain by Lancelot.
King Barrant Said to have 100 Knights.
Sir Bedwyr (Bedivere)  Bedwyr Bedryclant (of the perfect sinews) Brother of Lucan. To Welsh
Sir Bors, King of Gannes (Gaul) Son of King Bors. Cousin of Lancelot.
Sir Cador Duke of Cornwall. Half brother or cousin to Arthur.
Sir Caradoc C. Vreichvras or C. Strong Arm.
Sir Constantine Son of Cador. Became king after Arthur’s death.
Sir Dagonet The court jester.
Sir Daniel Brother of Dinadan.
Sir Dinadan Son of Sir Brunor Senior - Brother of Sirs Brunor le Noir ‘La Cote Mal Tailee’ and Daniel.
Sir Ector (Hector) Arthur’s foster father. Sir Kay’s father.
Sir Ector de Maris + Illegitimate son of King Ben of Benwick?
Sir Elyan the White Son of Sir Bors.
Sir Erec (see Geraint) Son of King Lac of Ester-Gales.
Sir Gaheris * Son of King Lot
Sir Galahad Son of Lancelot. His seat was the Siege Perilous.
Sir Galehaut Friend of Sir Lancelot.
Sir Galeshin * Son of Elaine and King Nentres.
Sir Gareth * Son of King Lot. Also called Beaumains or Goodhands.
Sir Gawain * Son of Lot. (Gwalchmai, Walganus, Balbhuaidh, Gawaine.
Sir Geraint See also Erec.
Sir Gingalain * First called Sir Le Bel Inconnu (The Fair Unknown) Gawain’s son.
Sir Griflet Also called Sir Griflet le Fils de Dieu. Son of Do (Doon) of Carchiel.
King Hoel Duke of Brittany.
Sir Kay (Cai, Caius) Arthur’s stepbrother. Son of Sir Ector.
Sir Lamorak ^ (Lamerocke) Brother of Tor.
Sir Lancelot (Lancelot du Lac) Son of King Ban. Birth name Galahad.
King Leodegrance Guinevere’s father. Keeper of the Round Table.
Sir Lionel + Younger son. Named after birthmark shaped like lion. Cousin of Lancelot.
Sir Lucan The Butler. Brother of Bedivere.
Sir Maleagant Abductor of Guinevere.
Sir Mordred * Arthur’s illegitimate son? Called son of Lot. Killed Arthur.
Sir Morholt (Maurhaus)  Rich Count from Ireland.
Sir Palemedes the Saracen. Son of Esclabor
Sir Pelleas Husband of the Lady of the Lake.
King Pellinore Said to have 13 sons.
Sir Percival ^ (Peredur) Son of Pellinore.
Sir Sagramore le Desirous “the impetuous””the hothead” Not a good jouster.
Sir Safir Brother of Palamedes.
Sir Segwarides Brother of Palamedes.
Sir Tor  One of 1st knights. Killed during Guinevere’s rescue.
Sir Tristram (Tristan) Mother Elizabeth/Elyabel - sister King Mark of Cornwall.
King Uriens of Gore. Former enemy of Arthur.
Sir Ywain * (Owain) Son of King Uriens of Gore.
Sir Ywain the Bastard Also son of Uriens.

Some others mentioned by Malory’s account number a further 85 but I have only listed above the ones listed in at least three accounts studied. Some of the 85 appear in more than one account and include Sir Barrant le Apres (King with a hundred knights), Sir Bellenger le Beau, Sir Bleoberis de Ganis, King Carados of Scotland, Sir Dinas le Seneschal de Cornwall, Sir Edward of Caernarvon, Sir Edward of Orkney, Sir Harry le Fils Lake, Sir Ironside (Knight of the Red Hands), Sir Sentrail and Sir Urry.

As further reading progresses some of the above, or others, may be promoted to the main list.