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Genealogy Places of Interest


Hello, I'm Derek and these are my pages. I hope they are of interest as they trace the Derwas family back into B.C. and a lot has happened since then.


The first 'page' is a step back in time to the 'discovery' of these islands, the family Kings before and after the Romans and the formation of Wales.

This is followed by four 'pages' of the family tree under generation numbers. They all use the Welsh 'ap' to denote who they are descended from, with the early ones using 'ferch' to denote a daughter.

The following 'pages' are of members or relatives of interest, some of which require a 'page' of their own. As will be seen King Arthur, Old King Cole, Owen Glyndower, etc, are on the fringes of our history and we may have introduced Red Indians to the bow and arrow.

These are followed by copies of wills and funeral expenses (oh! the waste of money) then some early Welsh poems and interpretation for which I must thank the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, for their help. Lastly is a short dictionary of Welsh and Welsh names.


It has taken many years to produce this family history and any comments would be appreciated.