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History Through Poetry

According to Early Welsh Saga Poetry by Jenny Rowland, published in 1960, in which extensive study was carried out on early poems it would appear that the many poems attributed to Heledd are, in fact, one large poem of 113 verses. This is reproduced in full below, split up with subject heading

Canu Heledd Prologue

1 Sefwch allann vorynnyon a syllwchCome out, maidens, and look at
gyndylan werydre. Cynddylan’s land.
Llys benngwern neut tande. The court of Pengwern is a raging fire.
Gwae ieueinc a eidun brotre.Woe to the young who desire a ?mantle.
2  Vn prenn ygwydvit a gouit arnawA single tree in a forest in hardship – 
o dieinc ys odit.if it escapes it is a rare thing.
ac a uynno duw derffit.Let that which God wills come to pass.
3  Kynndylan callon iaen gaeaf. Cynddylan with a heart like winter ice.
a want twrch trwy y benn.who ran a boar through its head,
cu a rodeist yr cwrwf trenn.you gave a dear ?thing for the sake of Tren’s beer.
4  Kynndylan callon godeith wannwyn.Cynddylan with a heart like spring heath-fire
o gyflwyn am gyueith.? because of the enemy’s gift
yn amwyn tren tref diffeith.defending Tren, a desolate town. 
5  Kyndylan befyrbost kywlatCynddylan, fair supporter of the border land,
kadwynawc kildynnyawr cat. the chain-wearing, stubborn one of the host,
amucsei tren tref y dat.defending Tren, his patronymy.
6  Kyndylan beuybwyll ovri Cynddylan, noble, of shining wisdom,
kadwynawc kynndynnyawc lluthe gold chain-wearing, unyielding one of the troop,
amucsei tren hyt tra vu.defended Tren as long as he lived.
7  Kyndylan callon milgiCynddylan with the heart of a hunting hound –
pan disgynnei yg kymelri when he descended into the tumult
cat. calaned a [ledi]. of battle he used to slay.

‘Marwnad Cynddylan’

8 Kynndylan callon hebawc.Cynddylan with the heart of a hawk
buteir ennwir gynndeiryawc.kite, savage and ravening,
keneu kyndrwyn kyndynyawc. the unyielding whelp of Cyndrwyn.  
9  Kyndylan callon gwythhwch. Cynddylan with the heart of a wild boar
- pan disgynnei ym priffwchwhen he descended in the ?main attack
cat. kalaned yn deudrwch. of a battle there were two layers of corpses.
10 Kyndylan gulhwch gynnifiat llew.Cynddylan, a warrior like Culhwch, a lion,
bleid dilin disgynnyat.a wolf-pursuing attacker
– nyt atuer twrch tref y dat.the boar will not return to his father’s town. 
11 Kyndylan hyt tra attat yd adei.Cynddylan – as long as it was allowed was spared
y gallon mor wylat. his heart was so merry.
gantaw mal y gwrwf y gat. …… like to beer to battle.
12 Kyndylan powys borffor wych yt.Cynddylan Powys, you had a splendid purple cloak
kell esbyt bywyt ior a storehouse to feed guests, like a (lord)
keneu kyndrwyn kwynitor.The whelp of Cyndrwyn is mourned.
13 Kyndylan wynn uab kyndrwyn.Cynddylan Wyn, son of Cyndrwyn.
Ny mat wisc baraf am y drwyn. not well does a man sport a beard around his nose
Gwr ny bo gwell no morwyn. who is no better than a maiden.
14 Kyndylan kymwyat wyt.Cynddylan, you are an harasser (of enemies).
armeithyd na bydy[d] lwyt.You intend that you will not be gray-haired
am drebwll twll dy ysgwyt.Around Trebwll your shield is shattered.
15 Kynndylan kae di y riw.Cynddylan, block the slope
yn y daw lloegyrwys hediw.where the English come through Tren.
Amgeled am vn ny diw. Anxiety for one man does not avail.
16 Kyndylan kae di y nenn.Cynddylan, block the ?place
yn y daw lloegyrwys drwy dren.where the English come through Tren
ny elwir coet o vn prenn. A single tree is not called a forest.
A stray verse
17 Gan vyg callon .i. mor dru.How grievous does my heart find
kyssylltu y styllot du. Gwynngnawtthe joining of the white flesh of Cynddylan, the
kyndylan kyngran can llu. (champion) of a hundred troops, to black planks.
The Hall of Cynddylan’
18 Stauell gyndylan ys tywyll henoThe hall of Cynddylan is dark tonight,
heb dan heb wely.without a fire, without a bed.
Wylaf wers. Tawaf wedy.I will weep for awhile; afterwards I will fall silent.
19 Stauell gyndylan ys tywyll henoThe hall of Cynddylan is dark tonight
heb dan heb gannwyll. without a fire, without a candle.
Namyn duw pwy am dyry pwyll.Except for God, who will give me sanity?
20 Stauell gyndylan ys tywyll henoThe hall of Cynddylan is dark tonight,
heb dan heb oleuat.without a fire, without light.
E[t]lit am daw amdanat.Sorrow comes to me because of you.
21 Stauell gyndylan ys tywyll nenn.The hall of Cynddylan – its roof is black
gwedy gwen gyweithyd.after having a fine company.
gwea ny wna da ae dyuyd. Woe him who does not do the good which comes to him.
22 Stauell gyndylan neut athwyt heb wed.The hall of Cynddylan – you have become bereft of form.
mae ym bed dy yscwyt.Your shield is in the grave.
hyt tra uu ny bu dollglwyt.While he was alive there was not a broached gate.
23 Stauell gyndylan ys digarat heno.The hall of Cynddylan is abandoned tonight
gwedy yr neb pieuat. after he who owned it.
o wi a angheu byrr ym gat.Oh death, why does it leave me behind?
24 Stauell gyndylan nyt esmwyth heno. The hall of Cynddylan is without comfort tonight
ar benn carrec hytwyth.on the top of a ?mighty crag,
heb ner, heb niuer, heb amwyth.without a lord, without a host, without ?defence.
25 Stauell gyndylan ys tywyll heno.The hall of Cynddylan is dark tonight,
heb dan, heb gerdeu.without a fire, without songs.
Dygystud deurud dagreu.Tears wear away the cheeks.
26 Stauell gyndylan ys tywyll heno.The hall of Cynddylan is dark tonight,
heb dan, heb deulu.without a fire, without a household troop.
Hidyl [vyn neigyr] men yt gynnu.My tears are abundant ?where it falls.
27 Stauell gyndylan am gwan y gwelet.The hall of Cynddylan - it pierces me to see it
heb doet, heb dan. without roofs, without a fire.
marw vy glyw. buw mu hunan. My lord is dead; I myself alive.
28 Stauell gyndylan ys peithiawc henoThe hall of Cynddylan is desolate tonight
gwedy ketwyr [b]odawc. after having had staunch warriors:
eluan kyndylan kaeawc.Elfan and gold-wearing Cynddylan.
29 Stauell gyndylan ys oergrei heno.The hall of Cynddylan is cold and harsh tonight
gwedy y parch am buei. after the respect which I had,
heb wyr heb wraged ae katwei.without the warriors, without the women who kept it. 
30 Stauell gyndylan ys araf heno. The hall of Cynddylan is silent tonight
gwedy colli y hynaf.after losing its lord.
y mawr drugarawc duw pa wnaf.Great merciful God, what shall I do?
31 Stauell gyndylan ys tywyll y nenn.The hall of Cynddylan – its roof is black
gwedy dyua o loegyrwys.after the killing by English warriors
kyndylan ac eluan powys. of Cynddylan and Elfan Powys
32 Stauell gyndylan ys tywyll henoThe hall of Cynddylan is dark tonight
o blant kyndrwyn[yn] [after] the children of Cyndrwyn:
kynon a gwiawn a gwyn.Cynon and Gwion and Gwyn.
33 Stauell gyndylan am erwan. Pob awrThe hall of Cynddylan – it pierces me constantly
gwedy mawr ymgyuyrdan.after the great conversing
a weleis ar dy benntan.I saw on your hearth side.
‘Eagle of Eli’34 Eryr eli ban y lef [heno]The eagle of Eli – high is his cry tonight.
llewssei gwy[a]r llynn. He has drunk a bloody drink:
creu callon kyndylan wynn.the heart blood of Cynddylan Wyn.
35 Eryr eli gorelwi heno The eagle of Eli has cried out loudly tonight.
ygwaet gwyr gwynn noviHe has wallowed in the blood of warriors.
ef ygoet trwm hoet ymi. He is in the wood; sorrow is heavy for me.
36 Eryr eli a glywaf heno.It is the eagle of Eli I hear tonight.
creulyt yw nys beidyaf.He is gory – I do not defy him.
ef ygoet trwm hoet arnaf.He is in the wood; sorrow is heavy upon me.
37 Eryr eli gorthrymet heno.The eagle of Eli – how grievous tonight
dyffrynt meissir [myget] is the fine valley of Meisir.
Dir brochuael hir ry godet.The land of Brochfael has been long afflicted.
38 Eryr eli echeidw myr. The eagle of Eli watches over the seas:
ny threid pyscawt yn ebyr.fish do not penetrate into the estuaries.
gelwit gwelit o waet gwyr.He calls, ?he feasts on the blood of warriors.
39 Eryr eli gorymda coet. [heno] The eagle of Eli travels through the woods tonight.
kyuor e kinyawa.His feasting is to his fill.
ae llawch llwydit y draha. The violence of he who indulges him succeeds.
‘Eagle of Pengwern’
40 Eryr penngwern penngarn llwyt.[heno]The grey-crested eagle of Pengwern – tonight
aruchel y atleis his screech is very high,
eidic am gic. [a gereis]. greedy for the flesh which I loved.
41 Eryr penngwern penngarn llwyt.[heno]The gray-crested eagle of Pengwern – tonight
aruchel y euan. his ?…. is very high
eidic am gic kynndylan.greedy for the flesh of Cynddylan.
42 Eryr penngwern penngarn llwyt.[heno]The gray-crested eagle of Pengwern –tonight
aruchel y adaf his talons are very high,
eidic am gic a garaf.greedy for flesh I love.
43 Eryr penngwern pell galwawt heno.The eagle of Pengwern will call for a long time tonight.
ar waet gwyr gwylawtHe will feast on the blood of warriors.
ry gelwir trenn tref difawt.Tren is called an unfortunate town.
44 Eryr penngwern pell gelwit heno.The eagle of Pengwern calls for a long time tonight.
ar waet gwyr gwelit. He feasts on the blood of warriors
ry gelwir trenn tref lethrit.Tren [was] called a splendid town.
45 Eglwysseu bassa y orffowys heno.Baschurch is his resting place tonight.
y diwed ymgynnwys. his final abode –
cledyr kat callon argoetwis. the support in battle, the heart of the men of Argoed.
46 Eglwysseu bassa ynt ffaeth heno.Baschurch is ?crumbling tonight –
vyn tauawt ae gwnaeth. my tongue caused it.
rud ynt wy rwy vy hiraeth.It is reddened; too great is my sorrow. 
47 Eglwysseu bassa ynt yng heno. Baschurch is confined tonight;
y etiued kyndrwyn[yn]for the heir of the Cyndrwynyn:
tir mablan kyndylan wynn. it is the land of the grave of Cynddylan Wyn.
48 Eglwysseu bassa ynt tirion heno.Baschurch is ?fallow land tonight,
ys gwaedlyt eu meillyon.its clover is bloo
rud ynt wy. rwy vyng callon.It is reddened; too much is my emotion.
49 Eglwysseu bassa collassant eu breint.Baschurch has lost its privilege
gwedy y diua o loegyrwys. after the slaying by English warriors
kyndylan ac eluan powys.of Cynddylan and Elfan Powys.
50 Eglwysseu bassa ynt diua heno. Baschurch is destroyed tonight;
y chetwyr ny phara. its warriors are no more.
gwyr a wyr a mi yma.Men know and me here.
51 Eglwysseu bassa ynt varuar henoBaschurch is glowing embers tonight
a minneu wyf dyar. and I am sorrowful.
rud ynt wy rwy vyg galar. It is reddened; too great is my grief.
‘The Fair Town’
52 Y drefwenn ym bronn y coet.The fair town on the slope of the woods –
ysef y hefras eiryoet. this was ever its custom:
ar wyneb y gwellt y gwaet.on the surface of its grass its blood.
53 Y drefwenn yn y thywyrThe fair town in its lands –
y hefras yglas vyuyr. its custom, green mementoes.
y gwaet a dan draet y gwyr. Its blood under the feet of its warriors.
54 Y drefwenn yn y dyffryntThe fair town in its valley –
llawen y bydeir wrth gyuamrud kat.happy ?kites at the confusion of battle.
y gwerin neur derynt.Its people have perished.
55 Y drefwenn rwng trenn a throdwyd.The fair town between Tren and Rhodwydd
– oed gnodach ysgwyt tonn. yn dyuot o gatmore usual was a broken shield coming from battle
nogyt ych y echwyd. than oxen going to the noon-time resting place.
56 Y drefwenn rwng trenn a thraual. The fair town between Tren and Trafal
– oed gnodach y gwaet ar wyneb y gwellt more usual was its blood on the surface of it's grass
noc eredic brynar.than ploughing fallow land.
‘Ffreuer’57 Gwynn y byt freuer mor yw diheint hen Blessed is Ffreuer – how painful it is tonight
gwedy colli kenueint.after the loss of family.
o anffawt vyn tauawt yt lesseint.Because of the misfortune of my tongue they have been slain.
58 Gwyn y byt freuer mor yw gwann henoBlessed is Ffreuer – how sad it is tonight
gwedy agheu eluan. after the death of Elfan
ac eryr kyndrwyn kyndylan. and the hero of Cyndrwyn, Cynddylan.
59 Nyt angheu ffreuer. am de henoIt is not the death of Ffreuer which torments me tonight.
am damorth brodyrde.Because of the ?slaughter of my ?ardent brothers
duhunaf wylaf uore.I wake, I weep at morning.
60 Nyt angheu ffreuer am gwna heintIt is not the death of Ffreuer which causes me grief
o dechreu nos hyt deweint.from the beginning of night till the dead of night.
duhunaf wylaf bylgeint. I wake, I weep at daybreak.
61 Nyt angheu ffreuer am gwna heintIt is not the death of Ffreuer which moves me tonight
am gwna grudyeu melyn. and causes me to have yellow cheeks
a [choch] dagreu dros erchwyn.and (shed) tears of blood over the bedside.
62 Nyt angheu ffreuer a erniwaf henoIt is not the death of Ffreuer which I grieve for tonight
namyn my hun. [yn] wanglafbut rather for myself, weak and ill.
vym brodyr am tymyr a gwynaf.I mourn for my brothers and my land.
63 Ffreuer wenn brodyr ath uaeth. Ffreuer Wen, brothers nurtured you –
ny hannoedynt or diffaeth.they did not spring from among the wicked –
wyr ny uegynt vyglaeth. warriors who did not nurse fear.
64 Ffreuer wenn brodyr ath uu.Ffreuer Wen, you had brothers.
pann glywynt gywrenin llu.When they heard of a powerful host
ny echyuydei ffyd ganthu. ? faith did not leave them.
65 Mi a ffreuer a medlan.Myself and Ffreuer and Meddlan
– kyt ytuo cat ym bop mann.though there might be battle everywhere
nyn tawr ny ladawr an rann.it does not worry us – our side will not be killed.
‘Herding’66 Y mynyd kyt atuo vch.The mountain – although it may be higher
nyt eidigafaf y dwyn vym buchI will not suffer its bearing my cow.
ys ysgawn gan rei vy ruch. Some consider my mantle light.
‘On the Courses of Rivers’
67 Amhaual ar auaerwy.Similarly on the border
yd aa tren yn trydonwydoes Tren go into Roden
ac yd aa twrch ym marchnwy.and Twrch into Marchnwy.
68 Amhaual ar eluydenSimilarly on the land
yd aa trydonwy yn tren.Does Roden go into Tren
ac yd aa geirw yn alwen.and Geirw into Alwen.
‘Newid Byd’
69 Kynn bu vyg kylchet croenen gauyr galet  Before my coverlet was the hard skin of a goat
chwannawc y gel[yn]greedy for holly,
rym goruc y uedw ued brynn.the mead of Bryn made me drunk.
70 Kynn bu vyg kylchet croenen gauyr galet.Before my coverlet was the hard skin of a goat
kelyngar y llillen.the kid fond of holly,
rym goruc y uedw ued trenn.The mead of Tren made me drunk.
71 Gwedy vym brodyr o dymyr hafren. After my brothers from the region of the Severn
y am dwylan dwyryw.and on the banks of the two Rhiws,
gwae vi duw vy mot yn vyw.alas, God, that I am alive.
72 Gwedy meirch hywed a chochwed dillat.After broken horses with red trappings
a phluawr [mawr] melyn.and great, yellow plumes,
mein uyg coes nym oes dudedyn. my leg is thin, I do not have a mantle.
73 Gwarthec edeirnyawn ny buant gerdenninThe cattle of Edeirnion were not wayfaring;
a cherd neb nyt aethant they did not go on anyone’s journey
ym buw. gorwynnyonn [gwr anchwant]. in the lifetime of Gorwynion, a fine warrior.
74 Gwarthec edeirnyawn ny buant gerdennin.The cattle of Edeirnion were not wayfaring;
a chant neb ny cherdynt.they did not go with anyone’s troop
ym byw gorwynnyon gwr eduint.in the lifetime of Gorwynion, a wise warrior.
75 Warth gwarthegyd gwerth gwyl a negyd.The shame of a cattle reaver because of a refusal.
ar a dyuo dra gwarth ae deubyd.He who has oppression – dishonour will come to him.
mi a wydwn a oed da I knew what was good:
gwaet am y gilyd gwrda. blood for his companions, nobleman.
76 Bei gwreic gyrthmwl. bydei gwan hediw.If Garthmyl were a woman she would be weak today,
bydei bann y disgyr her wail would be loud:
hi gyua diua y gwyr. she is whole; her warriors destroyed.
‘Ercal’77 Tywarchen ercal ar erdywal wyr.The sod of Ercal is on brave men
o etiued moryal. of the descendants of Morial.
a gwedy rys mac rys mal.And after it nourished them, it grinds them to dust.
‘Heledd Wandering’
78 Heled hwyedic ym gelwir.I am called ?wandering Heledd.
o duw padiw yth rodir.Oh God, to whom are given
meirch vym bro[dyr] ac eu tir.my brothers’ horses and their land?
79 Heled hwyedic am kyueirch. o duw ? Wandering Heledd greets me. Oh God,
padiw yth rodir gurumseirch.to whom are given the dark trappings
kyndylan ae bedwardeg meirch. of Cynddylan and his fourteen steeds?
‘Gazing’80 Neur sylleis olygon ar dirion dir.I have gazed on ?uncultivated land
o orsed orwynnyon.from the mound of Gorwynion.
hir hwyl heul hwy vyghouyon.Long is the course of the sun; longer my remembrances.
81 Neur sylleis [olygon] o dinlleu ureconnI have gazed from Dinlleu Gwrygon,
ffreuer werydre. the country of Ffreuer.
hiraeth am damorth vrodyrde.There is sorrow for the ?slaughter of my ardent brothers.
82 Marchawc o gaer ……. a danaw.A horseman from Caer ……. under him
nyt oed hwyr a gwynnyon. ?………….
gwr o sanneir. ………… ‘Heledd’s Brothers’
83 Llas vym brodyr ar vnweith.My brothers were slain at one time,
kynan kynndylan kynnwreith.Cynan, Cynddylan, Cynwraith,
yn amwyn tren tref diffieth. defending Tren, a desolate town.
84 Ny sanghei wehelyth ar nyth kyndylan.Princes did not trample on Cynddylan’s nest.
ny thechei droetued vythHe never retreated a foot.
ny uagas y uam uab llyth.His mother did not raise a feeble son.
85 Brodyr am bwyat ny vall.I had brothers, ?……….
a dyuynt ual gwyal collwho grew like hazel saplings.
vn y un edynt oll. One by one they all went.
86 Brodyr am bwyat a duc duw ragof.I had brothers whom God took from me.
vy anffawt ae goruc.My misfortune caused it.
ny obrynynt ffaw yr ffuc.They did not gain fame by deception.
87 Teneu awel tew lletkyntThin is the breeze, thick depression.
pereid y rycheu. ny phara ae goreu. The furrows remain; those who made them do not.
[tru] ar a uu nat ydynt.It is wretched that those who were are no more.
‘Hedyn’88 As clywo a duw a dyn.Let both God and man hear it,
as clywo y ieueinc a hyn.let both the young and older ones hear:
meuyl barueu madeu hedyn.shame on their manhood for failing Hedyn.
89 Ym byw [hedyn] ehedyei In the lifetime of Hedyn he used to shoot forth
dillat yn aros gwaedvei.?…. enduring on the battlefield.
ar glas vereu naf nwyfei. With the gray spears of a lord he incited.
‘The Boar’s Den’
90 Ryuedaf dincleir na diw yn olI wonder, ?……. not back.
kilyd keluyd clyw.Able companion, listen.
yg gwal tyrch torri cneu knyw. In the lair of the boars piglets are cracking nuts.
‘Caranfael’91 Ny [wn y] ae nywl ae mwcI do not know if it is mist or smoke
ae ketwyr yn kyuamwc.or warriors contending.
ygweirglawd aer yssyd drwc.On the hayfield battle is grievous.
92 Edeweis y weirglawd serI have left the hayfield of battle.
ysgwyt. digyuyng dinas y gedym. A broad shield, a fortress for strong men,
goreu gwr garanmael.the best warrior is Caranfael.
93 Karanmael kymwy arnat Caranfael, you are in tribulation.
atwen dy ystle o gat.I know your nature from battle.
gnawt man ar gran kyniuiat.Frequent on the cheek of a warrior is a scar.
94 Kymwed ognaw llaw hael.Mirth-provoking, generous handed,
mab kynndylan clot auael. dywedwrfame-seizing son of Cynddylan,
kynndrwynin caranmael. the rear guard of the Cyndrwynyn was Caranfael.
95 Oed diheid ac oed. [dihat]Wretched, disinherited,
oed diholedic. tref tat a geissyws. and deprived of patronymy were those who sought
caranmael yn ynat.Caranfael as a judge.
96 Karanmael kymwed ognaw.Caranfael, mirth-provoking,
mab kyndylan clot arllaw. nyt ynatpraise-distributing son of Cynddylan, was not a judge
kyt mynat ohonaw.although it was desired of him.
97 Pan wisgei garanmael, gatpeis gynndylan.When Caranfael wore the battle cloak of Cynddylan
a phrydyaw y onnenand shook his ash spear
ny chaffei ffranc tanc oe benn the Frank did not get peace from his lips.
‘Heledd a’I Brawd Claf’
98 Amser y bum vras vwyt.When I was well fed
ny dyrchafwn vy mordwyt.I would not raise my thigh
yr gwr a gwynei claf gornwyt. for a man who complained, scabrous one.
99 Brodyr am bwyat inneu.I too had brothers
– nys cwynei gleuyt cornnwydeu.the sickness of boils did not afflict them:
vn eluan kyndylan deu.Elfan for one, Cynddylan two.
100 Ny mat wise briger. nyw dirper o wrNot well does one wear his hair like a warrior,
yn diruawr gywryssed.does not deserve to from being a warrior in great contention
nyt oed leuawr vym broder.My brothers were not wailers.
101 Onyt rac agheu ac aeleu mawr. Were it not for death and great pain
a gloes glas uereu.and the wound of grey spears
ny bydaf leuawr inneu.I too would not be a wailer.
‘Beddau Maes Maoddyn’
102 Maes maodyn neus cud rew. Maes Maoddyn – ice covers it.
o diua da y odew. Because of the destruction of the well-nurtured one
ar ued erinued eiry tew.on the grave of Erinfedd there is thick snow.
103 Tom elwithan neus gwlych glaw.The mound of Elwyddan – rain wets it.
maes maodyn y danaw.Maes Maoddyn lies beneath it.
dylyei gynon y gwynaw.Cynon deserves to be lamented.
‘Tren’104 Pedwarpwnn broder am bu.I had four ?lordly brothers,
ac y bob un penn teulu.and each one had a penteula,
ny wyr tren perchen y du.Tren does not know a ?…… owner.
105 Pedwarpwnn broder am buant.I had four lordly brothers
ac y bop un gorwyf nwyvant. and each one ?………
ny wyr tren perchen keugant.Tren does not know a true owner.
106 Pedwarpwnn terwyn o adwyn. vroderFour ardent, fine, lordly brothers
am buant o gyndrwyn. I had from Cyndrwyn.
nyt oes y drenn berchen mwyn.Tren does not have a gentle owner.
‘Heledd’s Sisters’
107 Amser y buant addfwynIn the time when they were fair
y cerid merched Cyndrwynthe daughters of Cyndrwyn were loved:
heledd gwladus a gwenddwyn. Heledd, Gwladus and Gwenddwyn.
108 Chwiorydd am by ddidanI had pleasant sisters.
mi ai collais oll achlanI lost them all totally:
ffreuer medwyl a medlan.Ffreuer, Meddwyl and Meddlan.
109 Chwiorydd am bu hefyd I had sisters also,
mi ai collais oll I gyd I lost them all together:
gwledyr meysir a cheinfryd.Gwledyr, Meisir and Ceinfryd.
‘Cynddylan a Chynwraith’
110 Llas Cynddylan llas CynwraithCynddylan was slain, Cynwraith was slain,
yn amwyn Trenn tref ddiffaith.defending Tren, a desolate town.
Gwae fi fair aros eu llaith.Woe is me, enduring their death.
‘Mais Cogwy’
111 Gwelais ar lawr maes CogwyI saw on the ground of the field of Cogwy
byddinawr a gawr gymwy armies and battle affliction.
Cynddylan oedd kynhorthwy.Cynddylan was an ally.
‘Llemenig’112 [Celin] a sych o du tanHolly dries beside a fire.
pan glywyf godwrf godaran When I hear noisy tumult
llu llemenig mab [Mawan].it is the host of Llemenig mab Mawan.
113 Arbennig lleithig llurig ynghyhoeddLord entitled to sit on the dais, openly armed,
airgi gwyth gwaithfuddig ferocious, victorious hound of war,
fflam daffar llachar llemenig.a maker of flame is ardent Llemenig.

Key to text : Italicised sub-headings divide the text into sections which appear to belong together. A word in italics within a verse is an alteration believed to be justified because of other manuscripts. Square brackets hold words as near possible to the Welsh meaning, while a dotted line is an omission in the manuscript. Lines or a word preceded by ? or ?…. indicates that the word or phrase is too doubtful to translate.Comment on text : It is impossible to say that the text was written by Heledd, sister of Cynddylan, or even within her life span but it is thought that Heledd composed some of it which was handed down to be written at a later date. Most reference books date the manuscripts as 9th century.
It would seem that the verses are a commentary of life at the time of Cynddylan’s life and death with the loss of that part of Powys east of the Severn.We start with an introductory verse on the beauty of the kingdom of Powis to be followed by 15 verses on the beauty, strength and other attributes of Cynddylan. Then a verse of sorrow at what is to follow. Then verses 18 to 33 is further verses on the loss of Cynddylans’ home, towards the end of which is a lot of self pity. Verses 34 to 39 are called The Eagle of Eli they refer to the bloody consequence of war at that time. There follows 5 verses (40 to 44) in the same vein but relative to Pengwern. Baschurch is the next township which is recorded in 7 verses and also recording the death of Cynddylan. Defeat at ‘Y Drefwen’ is then recorded in the following 5 verses (52 to 56) before we come to 9 verses dedicated to Ffreuer, thought to be Heledds’ sister or husband, and some of her brothers.It is thought through reading and investigation that Heledd had to hide and, without status or income, became a sheep or cattle herder and it is at this point that verse 66 appears called ‘Herding’ and the rest of the manuscripts are devoted to the aftermath of war.Two verses on rivers tell of the type of topography which she encountered on her wanderings, followed by 4 defiling her current dress and remembering what used to be, followed by three verses about cattle. Next we have verse 76 on the pain of war and another dedicated to Ercal. Two verses follow the reminiscence of a wandering Heledd with the two following describing the views she had. The next verse is a mystery.
If the whole manuscript was composed by one person over a period of time it would seem that a slightly deranged mind flitted from topic to topic from about here. Four verses record that Heledd had three brothers killed in this war and is followed by a single epigram verse. Two verses then record the bravery of a warrior named Hedyn followed by an odd verse about a boar. The next 7 verses (91 to 97) tell of Caranfael, a supposed son of Cynddylan later proved to be a cousin, and his fight with the Franks. The next batch of 4 verses refer to Heledd looking back, the first of which has the only reference to sex. We then have 2 verses describing the wet, ice and snow covered graves. Three verses are then devoted to Tren and claim she had four brothers, not three as mentioned earlier, so does this mean that one survived? We then have 3 verses on Heledds’ sisters and lists no fewer than nine, which with her four brothers would make fourteen children in all. The next verse tells of the deaths of brothers Cynddylan and Cynwraith defending Tren (Cynddylan was buried at Baschurch). A verse then describes a battlefield before the last two verses tell of a victorious Llemenig.The above views do not agree with the author Jenny Rowlands but because the current author is looking at these poems from a wider family history viewpoint, is thought to be justified.